Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have become highly pervasive in recent years. Apps have started a revolution, in that they have completely changed the way we use our smartphones. We had a awesome team for Ideation, desiging, development, testing, lunch and post lunch of any application over any device. It is true that the app development process can be exhausting and even overwhelming. There are a lot of steps and difficult decision making is required along the way, but it is an extremely rewarding process for usand can be quite lucrative.

Mobile Applications

Enterprise Web Applications

Our business consultants complement our development services, they help keep things in the right perspective and give real work advice to our customers as the software is being built. Our mature work process helps us deliver high quality software at an affordable cost. We do Research and Define Audience Scope, Creating Functional Specifications, Project Management Document, Technology Specifications, Development Methodology, Versions Control, Upgrades, Expansion, Server Hardware / Software Selection Third Party Vendors Analysis and Selection, Design Layout, Interface Design, Database Structure Design and Web Application Development ,Testing like Quality Assurance, Multiple Browser Compatibility, Security, Performance - Load and Stress Testing and Usability Maintenance.

Web Applications

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is an umbrella term for different types of cloud services, includes Cloud storage, Cloud backup, Software as a service (SaaS), Cloud hosting. Anyone who has touched a computer, tablet or smartphone over the last decade is regularly using cloud services. We will be launching and distributing the software across the company, tech support, and contract terms.Cloud services can range from data storage to functional programs, including accounting, customer service tools and remote desktop hosting. We provide a better or more affordable solution for your particular needs emerges and you want to make the switch, we ensure that we have the ability to do so.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity also referred to as information security, cybersecurity refers to the practice of ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability (ICA) of information. Cybersecurity is comprised of an evolving set of tools, risk management approaches, technologies, training, and best practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attacks or unauthorized access. We offers managed security services for network environment, data center, infrastructure and end user computing that helps to maintain your network, improve efficiency and reduce risk. We use established procedures to maintain your IT infrastructure remotely 24X7


Project Managment And Maintaineses

The usefulness of project management techniques and principles in the construction and contracting business goes without saying. Project charters act as a contract between parties and are necessary to document and identify the business needs of the service required to satisfy all parties involved. In order to compete in today’s economy, construction management firms must assemble highly qualified and experienced professionals, and then support them with progressive management tools and equipment. Project maintenance is a matter of being flexibly deliberate. We offer you to maintain a plan even as it must shift and evolve, and will make ready to succeed.

Project Managment

eCommmerce Development

We have gained strong experience in designing and development of e-commerce websites with all latest features in both B2B as well as B2C models. If you are looking for online marketing and selling then be ready to explore the unique e- commerce solutions offered by us. We create new e-com solutions or develop your existing business and generate more value in international and domestic markets. Our experienced team of e-commerce professionals is passionate to generate innovative e-com solutions to meet the challenges in present online market. Our team leverage to work on your brand identity and deliver impressive web experience with different tools like e-marketing, e-selling, e-service, and e-analytics. We also take you to next level by optimizing your performance that created on your own web presence

eCommmerce Development

Bussiness Analysis

Business analysis approaches describe the overall process that will be followed to perform business analysis work on a given initiative, how and when tasks will be performed, the techniques that will be used, and the deliverables that should be produced.We determine the optimal business analysis approach. Expertise may be provided from a wide range of sources including stakeholders in the initiative, organizational Centers of Competency, consultants, or associations and industry groups.We provide prior experiences of the business analyst and we consider other stakeholders while selecting or modifying an approach.

Bussiness Analysis

Consulting And Outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing services involve the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for desirable business outcomes. We are a high-end software outsourcing company with the capability and expertise to offer an end-to-end IT service solution for all your business needs. From the development of enterprise solutions, web applications, desktop applications, Android apps and e-commerce websites to implementing and managing cloud computing, product engineering and technical support services, we cover entire IT and software development outsourcing. Commitment, integrity, reliability, dependability, adaptability and confidentiality are some of our core values that make us one of the most sought after IT outsourcing companies in India and in USA.

Consulting And Outsourcing

Support Services

We are into financial and non financial services support services across the world and we provide services like BPO, Data Management Services, web related services,call center services as well as KPO. Our services includes research, information gathering etc. It is regarded as an information driven process. The aim of every business will be to build a unique value with the help of their business expertise thus resulting in superior productivity. Here we help our clients and we provide them skilled experts for the enhancement of their businesses. Our experts with advanced analytical and technical skills will mainly focus on the knowledge expertise.